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How to invite a new Care Team member to your team
How to invite a new Care Team member to your team
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When you create your Silvertree App profile, you'll be automatically prompted to set up a Care Team. If you skipped this step or want to add a new Care Team member later on, follow these steps below.

  1. Open your Silvertree app

  2. Tap on 'manage our Care Team'

  3. Tap on 'modify the team'

  4. Under 'My Team' you'll see your current team members. Below tap on 'Invite a new Care Team member'

  5. Enter the Care Team member's email address or cellphone number and tap 'send invite' (Note: The button will not be clickable til a valid number or email address is entered)

  6. Once your invite is sent, it'll bring you back to your team. The person you have invited will be listed under 'Pending invite'. When the invitation is accepted, they will show under 'My Team'

πŸ’‘ Important reminder:

The Care Team member must download the app and create a profile with the email or phone number they are invited on to join the team. (see how here)

View Pending Invitations

  1. Open your Silvertree App

  2. Tap on 'manage our Care Team'

  3. Under 'Pending Invite' you'll see the people who are invited but have not accepted the invitations yet

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