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How to use your Silvertree Reach
How to use your Silvertree Reach

Learn about all of the inspiring things you can do with the Silvertree Reach

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Reach Basics

Wear your Reach to remain confidently connected with a variety of safety and wellness features.

Download the Silvertree app

Download the Silvertree app for iPhone and Android (see detailed instructions here).

Apple Store

Google Play Store


You must download the Silvertree app to create your account and pair your Silvertree Reach. You MUST pair your Reach to your account for the safety alert features to work.

Know The Signs

LED Status

Care Team Management

You can manage your chosen Care Team with the Silvertree app. Your Care Team can consist of family, friends, neighbors, or caretakers. Your Care Team is separate from our 24/7 Call Center and the call center is automatically part of the Silvertree experience.

As the Reach wearer, you can send invitations for loved ones to join your Care Team. You can build your Care Team at the time that you create your profile or you can choose to do it later by clicking on ‘Manage our Care Team’ from the dashboard screen in the app.

Care Team members need to download the Silvertree app from the app store on their own smart device. The Care Team invitations will show as ‘pending’ until they’ve accepted the invitation using their own profile.

The first person to accept your Care Team invitation will be designated as the “Primary CP”. This person is your 'in case of emergency' contact. When your SOS is escalated to our 24/7 Emergency Call Center, yourself and your Primary CP will be the only members of your Care Team who are contacted. You can change your Primary CP at any time by selecting ‘manage my team’ on Your Team page.

Removing a Care Team member

You may also remove a member from your Care Team at any time.

  1. Open your Silvertree app

  2. Under ‘manage my team’, click on the persons profile you'd like to remove

  3. Select 'Remove from team’

💡 Learn more about the Care Team app here

💡 How to become a Care Partner here

Setting up your Reach


The Silvertree Reach device MUST be paired to the Reach wearer's account, in order for the safety alert features to work.

Open the Silvertree app on your smart device and ensure you’ve created your Silvertree Profile. If you chose not to pair your Reach when you created your profile, you can still add your Silvertree Reach by scrolling down to ‘Device’ and clicking on ‘Add a device’. Follow the on-screen pairing instructions presented in the app.

Once the Reach is paired, an optional Wifi network setup is presented. Complete setup of Wifi to your home residence to improve the accuracy of location information and to get the most out of your battery life!

📍Tip: Need help with your Wifi? See more information here.

📍Tip: Helping a loved one set up their Reach remotely? Below are the pairing steps they see in the Silvertree app.

  1. “Plug the charging dock into a power source and then place your Silvertree Reach on the charging dock.” Click ‘Next’

  2. “Once the blue light is flashing, you’re ready to pair the Reach”. Click ‘Start setup’

  3. The mobile app is now searching for the Reach and will present a confirmation once the device is successfully paired. If something goes wrong, the Reach wearer will be presented with a message to “Please reset your Reach device by pressing and holding the button on the right side of the Reach for 10 seconds, while it is on the dock.”

📍Tip: If you ever want to change your connection setup, navigate to ‘My Reach’ under your profile. From there, you can edit your Wifi settings

Charging your Reach

Plug the charging dock into a power source and then place your Silvertree Reach on the charging dock. Ensure the six pins on the bottom of the Reach and the top of the charging dock are aligned. If your device is charging, you will see white LEDs on the light bar. If your Reach does not light up, remove the device from the charging dock and try again.

White Reach device charging

Charging may take up to 2 hours and LEDs will signal charging state (pulsing white = charging; solid white = fully charged). View the current battery level of your Reach within the Silvertree app.


Enable push notifications to help ensure you receive real-time updates on your mobile device.

To access notifications, navigate to your profile settings in the Silvertree app (top right corner) and click on ‘App Settings’.

SOS alerts

The emergency SOS alert system provides the ultimate connected safety experience.


To send an SOS, you can press the button on the side of the Reach once. The Reach will vibrate and pulse RED when an SOS is active.

Silvertree Reach stop

To cancel an SOS, press the button on the side of the Reach twice. When successfully canceled, the LEDs will flash green before the lights and vibrations stop. You can also cancel the SOS by selecting ‘Stop SOS’ in the Silvertree app.

Silvertree Reach stop


Once an SOS is triggered, you will have 15 seconds to cancel the alarm before the alert is sent to your Care Team.

If the SOS is not canceled within 15 seconds, everyone on the Care Team will receive both a text message and an app notification from Silvertree, alerting them of your SOS.

The Care Team will be presented with 3 possible actions to take:

  • Alert RapidSOS which will immediately send the SOS to the 24/7 Emergency Call Center.

  • Call [you] which will stop the SOS and call you directly, using the phone number associated with your Silvertree account.

  • Stop SOS which will notify you that someone on your Care Team has stopped the SOS and that they are responding directly to your request for help.

ANYONE on the Care Team can respond to the SOS. The Care Team will have 60 seconds to take one of these actions (or 5 minutes if the SOS is triggered from an automatic fall).

If no action is taken in the allotted time, the SOS is automatically escalated to our emergency call center partner, RapidSOS, where a Safety Agent will take over the alarm.

*Important Note: Your Care Team has 5 minutes to respond to SOS alerts triggered by the automatic fall detection before the alert is escalated to the 24/7 Emergency Call Center.

For additional direction, watch this video: Sending an SOS

24/7 Emergency Call Center

Included with your Silvertree subscription, the 24/7 Emergency Call Center Service is powered by RapidSOS and will contact a professional Safety Agent in the event of an active SOS alert that is not stopped by either you or your Care Team. Your verified contact information and location will be shared, as well as any Health Data that you entered into the Silvertree app.

You maintain the ability to enable or disable the 24/7 Emergency Call Center service. You can control this setting in the Silvertree app, under Device > Reach Settings > 24/7 Emergency Services.

📝 Note: Use of the 24/7 Emergency Call Center requires you to have a verified phone number on your Silvertree profile so that a Safety Agent can attempt to get in contact with you immediately during an emergency. IF YOU DO NOT VERIFY YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YOUR 24/7 EMERGENCY CALL CENTER WILL BE DISABLED.

With the Emergency Services feature enabled, if a hard fall has been detected or the SOS button is pressed and the Care Team does not respond within the allotted time of the alarm, the SOS is sent to RapidSOS.

If escalated to RapidSOS, you will receive a text message from RapidSOS, asking for you to confirm the emergency. If you confirm a real emergency via text or are unable to respond to the text message within the designated time, a Safety Agent will attempt to call to confirm help and retrieve any additional information pertaining to the emergency.

If the Safety Agent can't get in touch with you, the Agent will call the designated Primary Care Partner to get confirmation of an emergency.

📝 Note: The Primary Care Partner, aka "Primary CP", assignment can be found in the Silvertree app.

If the Agent can't get in touch with the Primary CP either, the Agent will proceed to contact the local 911 on your behalf and will dispatch emergency services to the wearer's location (based on the GPS coordinates of her Silvertree device).

Once the alarm is escalated to RapidSOS, the Care Team will no longer be able to respond to the alert in the Silvertree app. Similarly, once the Safety Agent takes over the alarm, Silvertree will no longer receive or provide updates on this SOS in the Silvertree app.

However, When an alarm gets escalated to RapidSOS, an emergency group chat feature will appear in the Silvertree app. This live chat will be available to everyone on your loved one's care team and will remain open for 1 hour after the alarm is escalated for the Care Team to communicate and share information. Note that a RapidSOS Safety Agent will not be in the group chat.

Fall Detection

Your Silvertree Reach has built-in fall detection. When enabled, if your Reach detects that you’ve experienced a hard fall, the device will automatically trigger an SOS alert. You can cancel this alert with a double click of the button on the right side of the Reach. You can also cancel the SOS from your phone right away too!

To enable fall detection on your Silvertree Reach, open the Silvertree app, click on Device and then Reach Settings. You will then be able to enable or disable fall detection.

Feature Settings

The Silvertree Reach is designed to meet your needs, without compromise! As such, you have the ability to control certain features, to customize your Silvertree Reach experience.

  1. Open the Silvertree app

  2. Click on your Device

  3. Then tap on Reach Settings

  4. From there, you can select to turn ON or OFF the 24/7 Emergency Call Center service or automatic Fall Detection feature!

These settings are saved to your profile and will be shared with your connected Care Team.

Emergency ID

With the Silvertree app, you have the option to add health information in your account that can be accessible to first responders, in case of an emergency. You can make your information available by enabling the Emergency ID feature, under Device> Reach Settings, in your Silvertree app.

Once enabled, Emergency ID will work like this:

  • When a first responder arrives at your location, they can first look for the unique PIN and ID number on the back of your Reach.

  • They can then enter that unique PIN and ID number into the public URL.

  • They will gain access to any allergies, medications, and/or medical device information that you entered, which will help them treat you.

Emergency Event Timeline

As a Care Team member, view a running 21-day history of your Care Team’s emergency events in the Silvertree app. To access this, click on your loved one’s profile from your Silvertree app. Below the Reach Status card, you will see the latest SOS alert activity. Click on ‘Full History’ to see all SOS events from the past 21 days.

Location Sharing

The Silvertree Reach companion app shares real-time location with the designated Care Team at all times. To improve the accuracy of your location, please use the Silvertree app to setup Wifi on your Silvertree Reach.

Virtual Hug

Stay connected with loved ones by sending them a virtual hug via the Silvertree app. Simply click on the hug icon next to their profile and your respective loved one will receive a notification that you’ve sent a hug.

Virtual Hug Icon

Silvertree Reach wearers will also receive a notification on the Reach. The device will start to vibrate and flash purple LEDs when a hug is received.

White Reach Virtual Hug


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