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Reset your Android Bluetooth Connection
Reset your Android Bluetooth Connection
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If you do not see the active status on the Device card of your Silvertree profile, you may have been disconnected from wifi. Follow the steps below to reset the Bluetooth connection.

Step 1: Forgetting the Device in the Bluetooth Settings

1. Open your phone settings

2. Click on 'Connected Devices'

3. Find the 'ST-###' device and click on the blue gear icon to the right

(Don't see the ST-### device listed? Click here)

4. Tap on 'Forget' below the trash can icon

5. You will get a pop up on your screen to confirm. Tap 'Forget device'

The first step of the process is now complete and you can now move on to the next step.

Step 2: Resetting the Silvertree Reach

1. Place your Reach on the charging dock. You will see a flashing or solid LED if your Reach is properly placed on the Reach. If you do not see a flashing or solid LED light, try giving it a wiggle to line up the prongs properly

2. While the Reach is on the dock hold down the button on the side of the Reach til you see a rapid flashing white light. The Reach will then turn a deep blue color. The deep blue color tells us the Reach is in pairing mode.

Step 3: Open your Silvertree app for reconnection

When you open your Silvertree app next time you should see a pairing request. Click Pair and then confirm the pairing.

Not seeing the pairing request? Click on your device battery level and wait for up to 2 minutes in the dashboard here for the pop up to appear. If you still do not see the request reach out to support HERE.

The next time you load your app you should now see the three status icons in your app.

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