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The location in the app isn't accurate
The location in the app isn't accurate
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Location accuracy depends on many factors!

In the Case of an Emergency

It's important to note that in the state of an emergency, the location is pulled from GPS map coordinates and not the address listed on the app. In the case of an emergency, if you are near your phone we suggest answering the call from our 24/7 Call Center RapidSOS to ensure you can tell them the most accurate address.

My loved one is home & connected to WiFi, but the Silvertree App Is not showing my loved one at home in the dashboard

If the Reach is connected to WiFi and you aren't seeing the right location:

1. Refresh the location: First check to see the last time the location was pulled. You can use the refresh button next to the map to ask the Reach to send you the most recent location.

  1. Refresh button

  2. The address the map is pulling

2. Make sure your location is in the Silvertree app: Updating your home address in the app will pass the home location and entry instructions along to our 24/7 Call Center. (You'll be prompted to add your address when you're setting up your profile). See how to update your address here.

Here are additional troubleshooting steps:

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