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Pairing Your Reach to your Silvertree App
Pairing Your Reach to your Silvertree App
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The Silvertree app is the only way to activate your Silvertree Reach, making it possible for you to activate fall detection and stay connected with loved ones. Once you download it and create an account as the Reach Wearer, you'll be ready to pair your Reach

There are a few steps in the pairing process

1. Pair your Reach

To pair the Reach the Reach needs to be placed on the charging dock and the charging dock needs to be plugged in.

Your Reach has two modes while on the charging dock.

1) Pairing Mode

2) Charging Mode

If the Reach is in charging mode (blinking white or a solid white line) that can potentially result in failed pairing attempts. Therefore the Reach should be lifted off of the charging dock and placed back on to ensure it is in pairing mode. The pairing mode turns off after 3 minutes.

  1. In the Silvertree app below 'Device' tap 'Add a Device'

  2. Follow the steps on the screen and click 'Pair my Reach'

  3. You will get a pop-up to accept the pairing process once your Reach is found

Trouble Pairing Your Reach?

  • Make sure your Reach has not started to blink white

  • Make sure your Reach has not already been discovered in your bluetooth settings

  • Make sure all your permissions are on (bluetooth, location, etc)

If you are still experiencing issues reach out to us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help.

2. Setting up your Reach Settings

Next, you'll be prompted to choose your settings for the 24/7 Emergency Services and Fall Detection. Both services are included in your subscription cost.

24/7 Emergency Services

Fall Detection

3. Connecting WiFi

Your last step in pairing your Reach is setting up WiFi. Connecting to WiFi has many benefits and is highly recommended to get the full battery life expectancy.

  1. Tap 'Connect to networks'

  2. Find and select your WiFi network (if it's not listed tap 'scan again')

  3. Type in your WiFi password

  4. Wait for the successful pairing

  5. Exit out and click continue with Setup

πŸ‘‰ More on WiFi and battery life

You've completed your pairing!

Now on your Silvertree App home screen under 'Device' instead of 'Add a device' you will see your 'Silvertree Reach' and it's battery level

Paired Reach Profile

Unpaired Reach Profile

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