Update WiFi on the Silvertree Reach
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When you add the Reach to your Silvertree App, you'll be automatically prompted to set up a Wi-Fi network as this ensures the best battery life and connection source for your Reach.

If you skipped this step or the previously associated WiFi Network details change, you'll need to update your Wi-Fi.

ℹ️ Please note the Silvertree app does not automatically update to the WiFi network your phone is on. We recommend keeping your WiFi network to your 'home base', or, wherever you spend the most time.

The Silvertree App WiFi Settings

WiFi not setup

WiFi setup

Changing or Setting up your Silvertree WiFi

The WiFi needs to be set up on the Reach Wearers Silvertree App on the phone the Reach was paired with. You cannot change the WiFi network if you log in with a different phone.

  1. Open your Silvertree App

  2. Go to 'Device' and tap on your Silvertree Reach

  3. If your WiFi is not setup, the first WiFi setup button will be highlighted yellow and read 'Wifi is not setup on the Reach'

  4. Tap on this button to scan for your network

  5. Once you see your network tap on it and enter the password

  6. Tap 'Submit' and you will see a green check once it's connected

  7. Tap the 'X' to go back


I don't see my WiFi network listed

  • Tap the 'scan again' button at the bottom

  • Make sure you are close to the router

  • Make sure your WiFi is not a public network

  • Force close the app and re-open it

If you are still having trouble finding your WiFi network email us at [email protected].

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