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The Silvertree Reach Quick Start Guide
The Silvertree Reach Quick Start Guide
Written by Meghan
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Welcome to Silvertree

Our shower-proof Reach, with up to 10 days of battery life and 24/7 emergency service support, will let you live your life, on-the-go without worry! Below, learn more about the safety and wellness features, including how to setup your Reach and your Silvertree Care Team of loved ones!

Before getting started, make sure you have these:

  1. Your Silvertree Reach package

    Your Silvertree box contains a Reach device, a charging dock, and cables. Make sure to have all of these accessories with you during setup.

  2. Your smartphone

    Silvertree requires you to download our app on your phone. Make sure you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android phone.

Why is a smartphone required?

Without a smart device, you will not be able to set up your Silvertree Reach. The Silvertree Reach device MUST be paired to the Reach wearer's account, in order for the safety alert features to work.

Setting up your Silvertree Reach

  1. Download the Silvertree app

    Make sure to do this on the smartphone of the person wearing the Reach for the best experience.

    Apple Store
    Google Play Store

  2. Set up your Reach profile

    Complete your profile by filling in your information. If you are the Reach wearer, assign the Reach to yourself during setup and then continue on to device pairing.

  3. Invite your Care Team

    Your Care Team is the group of people you choose to notify during an emergency. This can be family members, neighbors or friends -- there is no limit to how many people can be on your Care Team.

    Enter the email address of the person(s) you want to invite to your Care Team. This will send them an email invite to download the Silvertree app and join your team. They will need to complete this in order to be notified if you experience an emergency.

  4. Unbox your Reach

    Remove your Silvertree Reach and all of the included accessories from the box. Plug one end of the charging cable into the charging dock and then the other end of the cable into a power source. Place the Reach on the charging dock. Ensure the six pins on the bottom of the Reach align to the top of the dock.

    Your Reach should start flashing blue.

  5. Pair your Reach in your Silvertree app

    It's time to pair the Reach to your smartphone! Follow the steps displayed to pair your Reach, choose which features you want ON, and setup your Wifi connection.

What if the Reach is not flashing blue?

Take the Reach off of the charging dock. Wait 5 seconds and then place the Reach back on the charging dock, making sure the six pins are aligned. The Reach should start flashing blue again.

Reach Basics

Now that your Reach is setup, learn more about the Reach features and how to get the most out of the features that you want!

Weeks of Battery

Stay on the go with a battery that will keep you going for up to 10 days without a recharge. Less time charging, means more time living!


The Silvertree Reach is waterproof rated IP57, so you can safely wear it in the shower.

Location Sharing

Let your loved ones know you're ok 24/7. Powered by Verizon's Nationwide 4G LTE & GPS network, your Reach shares real-time location to your designated Care Team members in the Silvertree app.

Fall Detection

The Silvertree Reach is designed to detect a hard fall. If you drop your Reach from an elevated height, move hands quickly then stop suddenly, or participate in certain activities, the Reach might detect a fall and trigger an alarm.

It's important to understand how to send an SOS manually even when you have fall detection turned on, just in case. If able, you should always press the button when you need help. See the next section to learn how to Start and Stop an SOS.

24/7 Emergency Call Center

If the Reach detects a fall or you trigger an alarm, your Care Team of loved ones will be notified and have an opportunity to respond. If your loved ones cannot respond, the 24/7 Emergency Call Center will be alerted. A Safety Agent from the Emergency Call Center will contact you and work with local emergency services to dispatch help as needed.

Know the Signs

The Silvertree Reach communicates status using varying color lights on the face of the Reach. (In the table below, three dashed lines denotes blinking.)

Now let's see how the Reach works

Sending an SOS

A short press of the button on the side of the Reach will start an SOS. The Reach will vibrate and pulse RED when an SOS is active.

Canceling an SOS

To cancel the SOS, press the button on the side of the Reach twice. When successfully canceled, the LEDs will flash green before the lights and vibrations stop.

When you need help, your family or friends will always be the first to know.

Your Silvertree Care Team of loved ones will always be given 60 seconds to respond to your emergency before it is escalated to emergency services.

Learn more about the Silvertree Reach at How to use your Silvertree Reach | Silvertree Help Center.

Support Hours

Monday - Friday

9:30 am EST - 5:00 pm EST

Email us at

For emergencies, always call 911.

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