How do I restart my device

A step-by-step guide to perform a power cycle of the Silvertree Reach

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What is Power Cycling?

Power cycling is a method of rebooting the device by turning on and off the device. Knowing how to do this is a great tool to have for situations in which your device is exhibiting unexpected behavior.

How to perform a Power Cycle

Step 1: Remove from Dock

If the Reach is on its dock, gently remove it to prepare for the power cycle.

Step 2: Hold Button

Press and hold the button on the side of the Reach until you see the light start to flash. This indicates the power cycle process has begun.

Step 3: Wait for Blinking to Stop

Keep an eye on the blinking light. Once it stops blinking, it's time to release the button.

Step 4: Confirm Success

You did it! The power cycle is complete if the blinking has stopped. You can resume use of the Reach.

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