Is my Reach working?
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We understand that having peace of mind is important to you and your loved ones. Once you have paired your Reach, invited your care team, and verified your phone number, you are ready to wear your Reach.

The Reach is designed with simplicity in mind. It will not glow a color or vibrate when there are no active hugs or emergencies. For extra reassurance, you can use the following steps to double check your Reach is working

Check your app for the status of the Reach

Your Reach Settings is where you can go to see the status of your Reach.

  1. Open your Silvertree app

  2. Go to the "Device" below your Care Team

  3. Click on your Reach. You're in the right section if it shows a photo of a Reach and a battery level percentage

  4. This will open the screen below. If your Reach is connected, you'll see the three green dots. If you do not see the three green dots and instead see the red dots this means your Reach is not connected. Below the three dots a reason for the lack of connection will be listed


Low LTE connection

Battery drain

No Bluetooth connection

If you do not see any lights at all this can be 1 of 2 things:

  1. Bluetooth is turned off

Make sure your Reach is charged

Battery level is reported in 3 ways:

  1. Push notifications to your phone (to the entire Care Team)

  2. In your Silvertree app (to the entire Care Team)

  3. On the Reach (white blinking light)

Push notifications

Your phone will send you push notifications to let you and your Care Team know when the battery is low.

A push notification is a short message, typically a pop-up or the message you see on your locked screen, generated when Silvertree is not open, to notify you of a new message.

In the Silvertree App

Care Team View

Reach Wearer View

You and your loved ones will receive multiple notifications if your Reach is not charged. Your Reach will start to blink a white light off of the dock if the Reach is running low on battery. The notifications are a reminder to charge your Reach, we recommend keeping your battery above 30% to stay connected.

This is why it's always a great idea to keep your battery above 30% at all times.

ℹ See how to extend battery life here.

Have a loved one send a hug

For an added step If you're unsure if your Reach is connected, you can ask someone on your Care Team to send you a hug. Your Reach will vibrate and pulse with a purple LED when a hug is received, this can take up to a few minutes.

Testing out an SOS with a button press is another way to test, however, we always recommend making your Care Team aware of the test in case you are not able to cancel it quickly enough. We recommend all the other options before trying this one, but do encourage you to do a test with your loved ones.

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