How to know my WiFi is connected
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When you add the Reach to your Silvertree App, you'll be automatically prompted to set up a WiFi network. Completing this step will ensure the best battery life and connection source for your Reach!

Is my wifi connected?

Here is how to check if your wifi is connected:

  1. Open your Silvertree App

  2. Go to 'Device' and tap on your Silvertree Reach

  3. Match what you see with either of the below images to confirm your WiFi connection state. If your Reach is not successfully connected to your network, then you will see an error message stating "Wifi is not setup on the Reach".

WiFi not setup

WiFi setup

Will my WiFi automatically reconnect?

Like all connected products, when you leave your home, your WiFi will disconnect. When you arrive back home, your Reach will automatically reconnect to your network, but this may take 1-2 hours to appear in your Silvertree app.

If I connect to WiFi on my phone will my Reach automatically connect, too?

No, your phones WiFi is different than the Reach WiFi and WiFi needs to be set up in the Silvertree app. Need to connect to your wifi? See how here.

ℹ️ When you switch your WiFi network in the Silvertree app it will not automatically reconnect to any previous WiFi network. Meaning, if you go to the gym and login to their WiFi then go back home, you will need to reconnect to your home WiFi. We recommend logging in and staying logged in to the network where you spend the most time.

If you are still having trouble connecting your WiFi network email us at [email protected].

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