My WiFi is being disconnected
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When you are on the go your wifi will disconnect. When you arrive back home your network will automatically be re-connected, but this may take 1-2 hours to appear in your Silvertree app.

When you switch your WiFi network in the Silvertree app it will not automatically reconnect with any previous WiFi network, meaning, if you go to the gym and login to their WiFi then go back home, you will need to reconnect to your home WiFi. We recommend logging in and staying logged in to the network where you spend the most time.

If you are accidentally removed from your network due to an internet outage or a change in the network information, here is how to update your WiFi network information.

If you are still experiencing frequent disconnections without being on the go you can contact our technical support team at [email protected] or use the chat widget in the bottom right corner to chat with us.

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