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The most common reason the Reach does not send an SOS when the button is pressed is because it's being pressed in a way that is not registering and you should practice how to press the button.

It's important to get comfortable testing the Reach by testing sending an SOS and canceling an SOS.

⚠️ Make sure your Reach is charged. If the Reach does not have battery this is a reason the LED's and vibrations would not go off. Charging can take up to 2 hours and you should have a notification in your app that the battery is low.


  1. Send yourself a hug - Your Reach will vibrate and turn purple after about 2 minutes. This indicates the Reach is working

  2. Put the Reach on the charging dock - If the Reach turns white that means it's charging and the Reach is working

If steps 1 and 2 work, it's strong indication the button press is being held too long or not hard enough. Pressing the button can take getting used to! Learn how to press the button properly here.

If you do not see any LEDs, even when you put the Reach on the dock or try to reset the Reach, then you should reach out to support at [email protected] or by chatting with us.

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