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How will my loved one get help during an emergency?
How will my loved one get help during an emergency?
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In the event of an emergency, your loved one will receive prompt assistance with Silvertree. The alarm will first go to the Care Team and then it will escalate to our 24/7 Call Center if the Care Team is not able to step in. Keep reading below to see how it works.

How to Start and Stop an SOS

To send an SOS, you can press the button on the side of the Reach once. The Reach will vibrate and pulse RED when an SOS is active.

To cancel the SOS, press the button on the side of the Reach twice. When successfully canceled, the LEDs will flash green before the lights and vibrations stop.

How Automatic Fall Detection Works

Automatic fall detection is a technology that uses multiple sensors and algorithms to analyze movement data and automatically detect if a loved one has taken a hard fall. There are daily activities that your loved one may perform that could falsely trigger fall detection. If that happens, there are two paths to canceling the SOS.

ℹ️ Learn more: How fall detection works

  1. Double-click the button on the Reach or

  2. Cancel the SOS from their Silvertree app

Canceling the SOS from the Reach Wearers App

Your loved one will be alerted in the Silvertree app that an SOS has been activated. They will be presented with the option to stop the alarm if they do not need help.

If the SOS is not canceled by your loved one within 15 seconds, everyone on the Care Team will receive both a text message and an app notification from Silvertree, alerting them of the SOS.

** If you do not have a Care Team the Emergency Services will be contacted after 60 seconds**

What Happens When an SOS is Triggered?

Once an SOS is triggered, your loved one will have 15 seconds to cancel the alarm before the alert is sent to the Care Team.

If the SOS is not canceled within 15 seconds, everyone on the Care Team will receive both a text message and an app notification from Silvertree, alerting them of the SOS.

The Care Team will be presented with 3 possible actions to take:

  1. Alert RapidSOS which will immediately send the SOS to the 24/7 Emergency Call Center.

  2. Call your loved one which will stop the SOS and call your loved one directly, using the phone number associated with their Silvertree account.

  3. Stop SOS which will notify your loved one that someone on their Care Team has stopped the SOS and that they are responding directly to the request for help.

ANYONE on the Care Team can respond to the SOS. The Care Team will have 60 seconds to take one of these actions (or 5 minutes if the SOS is triggered from an automatic fall).

If no action is taken in the allotted time, the SOS is automatically escalated to our emergency call center partner, RapidSOS, where a Safety Agent will take over the alarm.

ℹ️ Once the alarm is escalated to RapidSOS, the Care Team will no longer be able to respond to the alert in the Silvertree app. Similarly, once the Safety Agent takes over the alarm, Silvertree will no longer receive or provide updates on this SOS in the Silvertree app.

When an alarm gets escalated to RapidSOS, an emergency group chat feature will appear in the Silvertree app. This live chat will be available to everyone on the care team and will remain open for 1 hour after the alarm is escalated for the Care Team to communicate and share information. Note that a RapidSOS Safety Agent will not be in the group chat.

What happens once RapidSOS receives the alarm?

Note: Use of the 24/7 Emergency Call Center requires you to have a verified phone number on your Silvertree profile, so that a Safety Agent can attempt to get in contact with you immediately during an emergency. IF YOU DO NOT VERIFY YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YOUR 24/7 EMERGENCY CALL CENTER WILL BE DISABLED.

Toggling on and off 24/7 Emergency Services and fall detection is available from the Reach Wearers app. See here.

With the Emergency Services feature enabled, if a hard fall has been detected or the SOS button is pressed and the Care Team does not respond within the allotted time of the alarm, the SOS is sent to RapidSOS.

Your loved one will receive a text message from RapidSOS, asking for them to confirm the emergency. If they confirm a real emergency via text or are unable to respond to the text message within the designated time, a Safety Agent will attempt to call to confirm help and retrieve any additional information pertaining to the emergency.

If the Safety Agent can't get in touch with your loved one, the Agent will call the designated Primary Care Partner to get confirmation of an emergency. (Note: The Primary Care Partner, aka "Primary CP", assignment can be found in the Silvertree app.)

If the Agent can't get in touch with the Primary CP either, the Agent will proceed to contact the local 911 on your loved one's behalf and will dispatch emergency services to their location (based on the GPS coordinates of their Silvertree device).

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