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Is Silvertree for me?
How will I know if the Silvertree Reach has coverage in my area?
How will I know if the Silvertree Reach has coverage in my area?
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You can have any phone provider to purchase a Silvertree Reach. You do not need a Verizon phone in order to use the Silvertree Reach.

*Note: Silvertree Reach is only available in the continental US and not available in Hawaii, Canada or Mexico.

With an active subscription, the Silvertree Reach uses Verizon LTE cellular networks and acts as it's own cellular device. Prior to purchase we recommend first checking to ensure there is LTE coverage around your home or in any other area where you spend the most time. Please note:

  • Your smartphone can be on any cellular network - it does not need to be on Verizon for the Silvertree Reach to function.

  • A Silvertree subscription is required to enable a Silvertree device.

Steps to Check Coverage in Your Area Before Purchase

  1. Enter your address or zip code in the search bar

  2. Filter by LTE-M

Disclaimer: Verizon's map is only meant to show general coverage in your area. There is no notion of signal strength, so depending on your surrounding environment - there may still be some issues with communicating with the network.

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